Eat Those Plants

Intro To The Eat Those Plants Podcast

March 06, 2021 Allie McCormick Episode 0
Eat Those Plants
Intro To The Eat Those Plants Podcast
Eat Those Plants
Intro To The Eat Those Plants Podcast
Mar 06, 2021 Episode 0
Allie McCormick

This is the trailer episode for the new podcast, Eat Those Plants!
New episodes every Sunday beginning May 2, 2021.

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This is the trailer episode for the new podcast, Eat Those Plants!
New episodes every Sunday beginning May 2, 2021.

Welcome to the Eat Those Plants Podcast, where we talk about losing weight by creating a healthy lifestyle that you not only like, but you love!

My name is Allie McCormick, and I am so excited to introduce you to the Eat Those Plants Podcast!

In this quick episode, I want to give you a little bit of information about what to expect and give you a little bit of background about my story. 

I never was a super skinny kid or anything, but I was always pretty active up until after I graduated from college and got a desk job. 

It seems like as soon as I sat in that seat, the weight piled on, and my heaviest was about 196 pounds at five foot two. 

So I think that's clinically obese. 

I spent many years yo-yo dieting going on restrictive diets, trying these crazy workout plans. 

And I would never really have that much success. Plus, I was just miserable. 

Well, in 2018, I stumbled upon fasting on Reddit. 

And I thought it sounded a little crazy. 

But I was so desperate to finally lose weight that I jumped in, and I lost 10 pounds the very first time I tried it and it was so exciting! 

I had never lost that much weight before. 

And with intermittent fasting, it's kind of easy, because you can keep more or less eating your same diet if you want to. 

So after that success, I thought I'd finally made it and I would finally get the body that I always wanted. 

But it doesn't work that way. 

I quickly found if you don't also work on changing your dietary habits, pretty soon you'll hit a plateau where the fasting just isn't enough to keep you losing weight. 

And it can be really frustrating when you're trying to break these barriers and have a better body and live a better life. 

And you get stuck. 

It's frustrating, you quit and you regain all that weight you just lost plus more. 

In 2020 after the Coronavirus pandemic hit, I just knew something had to change. 

And I knew that I'd always wanted to eat more plants and that kind of always playing around with that type of lifestyle. But I could never really make it work for me, it always seemed like it would be a huge sacrifice, and that I'd be miserable. And then I'd always be eating foods that I just didn't enjoy. 

That was just really, let's say “not tempting!”

But I jumped in with both feet, I started a meal plan and I tried a bunch of different recipes. And it hasn't always been the easiest thing. But I finally broke past those barriers that I could never reach before and to date have lost over 50 pounds and counting! 

I just want to spread the good vibes and the happiness and the joy that can come from changing your diet and combining it with intermittent fasting and create a plant-based lifestyle that you love! 

Every Sunday, I will be here with a fresh new episode, whether it's about intermittent fasting, the plant-based diet, working out, some of the mindset that goes behind weight loss, or anything else that I think might be helpful for you if you're also on a journey. 

You don't have to want to be plant-based. 

You don't have to want to go vegan.

Maybe you find something that works for you that in a way that didn't work before. And it might just help you move a little bit closer to your goal in a pleasant way! 

I want to take the striving out of weight loss because I believe once you find little things that work for you and in your lifestyle, it becomes easy and fun. 

And something that you can sustain and you can see yourself doing forever. 

And I think that's where the joy and the beauty of all of this comes from.

Thank you for listening thus far. And I can't wait to share everything that I know and have learned with you. 

If you'd like to connect with me, come hang out with me on Instagram at @eatthoseplants, or drop me an email at